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Now you can get the latest system to record the presence and departure of employees by fingerprint, faceprint or magnetic card, using the latest techniques of recording attendance via fingerprinting.

The fingerprint device is used as the latest way to record the time attendance, departure, signature, delay, overtime, days of absence, salaries, discounts, observers, records. The presence and departure of employees, which were carrying you extra financial burdens, have proved to be efficient in all companies and institutions that have used attendance and departure devices, especially in government departments, banks, large and medium and small companies.


The technique of fingerprinting is based on replacing the written signature with an electronic signature by fingerprint, smart card, PIN or faceprint through a device that records the timing and attendance of employees. It is the successful and reliable alternative to traditional attendance and departure books that can withstand manipulation, loss and damage. And many other drawbacks to the use of manual style and rely on notebooks in the processes of recording the presence and departure of employees, to become the latest technology in the recording of attendance and departure professionally, completely preventing any opportunity to manipulate the dates of attendance and Departure of employees in the institution.


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Because we specialized in the sale and installation of the latest attendance devices and fingerprinting, we offer a range of the strongest offers to sell and install the latest attendance devices and fingerprinting, and we offer the best prices in the Egyptian market.


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احصل الآن علي أجود الماركات العالمية في أجهزة الحضور و الانصراف و أكثرها مبيعاً بخصومات تصل الي 30 % و أسعار تبدأ من 999 ج فقط بدلا من 1250 ج بالاضافة لفلاشة لسحب الداتا مجانا و الهدايا التذكارية


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احصل الآن علي أجود الماركات العالمية في أجهزة التحكم بالدخول و أكثرها مبيعاً بخصومات تصل الي 30 % و أسعار تبدأ من 1199 ج فقط 

Why should we rely on fingerprint devices?
It is necessary to rely on the fingerprint devices to record attendance and departure in such a way as to ensure that there is no opportunity for manipulation by the employees, and attendance and departure data are kept electronically on the fingerprint device and on the computer connected to the fingerprint device, which completely secures all the information in a way that reduces the chances of loss.

What are the ways of recording attendance and departure using fingerprint devices?
Attendance can be recorded by fingerprint, Proximity Card, or faceprint . The devices vary according to their ability to read the different fingerprints, storage capacity and other standards of each device.

Can fingerprint devices be manipulated?
Fingerprint devices can never be manipulated, so this making them an effective, guaranteed and secure way to record attendance and departures in a manner that ensures that staff and employees are not manipulated.
Why do you deal with FPI Networks when purchasing a fingerprint device?
Because we have the best latest and cheapest fingerprint devices. We also have the services of supplying, installing and training fingerprint systems through the most professional team in Egypt, in a professional manner that ensures the optimum utilization of the fingerprint devices immediately.

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