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Services of sale, supply, installation & maintenance of intercom systems. We sell and install audio intercom, video intercom and wireless intercom with competitive prices & best service in Egypt.

Intercom systems are divided into three sections:

Audio Intercom : It is the most common type that is used in residential buildings in Egypt, as you can communicate with the person outside the property through the voice, and can control and open the gate of the property automatically.

Video Intercom: An intercom with a camera installed in the external unit. The image and voice of the visitor is received over the wires to transmit to you the sound and image of the person standing outside.

Wireless Intercom : the latest intercom devices currently, and is often used for residential apartments, where the installation of a unit outside the door of the apartment to transfer the image of the caller to the hand-held portable and has a color screen to see who stands outside and talk to him with the possibility of opening the door also through the Hand Set.


Why do we need to install an intercom system?

The main need to install the intercom is to secure the property from theft and snooping, as the gate of the architecture is closed all the time, and is opened only by a resident who recognizes the visitor through the intercom and then open the gate to him, and the intercom has a bell to call the guard instead of calling him using the traditional ways , The real estate can be controlled by using the same intercom system to facilitate easy entry and exit of visitors.

With FPI Networks , you can contact us immediately to make an intercom offer according to the number of apartments and the model and the budget. We have a team of the highest level of efficiency to install the system immediately, and provide regular maintenance services and on-demand maintenance of the system.
Whatever the number of apartments in the property, we have intercom systems to suit all the required numbers, and our team has the highest level of efficiency to install the intercom system professionally and without leaving any trace.

Our latest offers in intercom

Offers and prices of intercom installation and maintenance for buildings and houses

Because we specialize in the installation and maintenance of intercom for buildings and houses, we offer a range of the most powerful offers of installation and maintenance intercom for buildings and houses, and we offer the best prices in the Egyptian market.


Voice intercom offer

بأسعار تبدأ من 650 جنيه تقدر تحصل علي الانتركم الصوتي ماركة كوماكس شامل الوحدة الخارجية و السماعة


Video intercom offer

بأسعار تبدأ من 2500 جنيه تقدر تحصل علي الانتركم المرئي ماركة كوماكس شامل الوحدة الخارجية و الشاشة

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Smart intercom offer

بأسعار تبدأ من 5500 جنيه تقدر تحصل علي الانتركم الذكي ماركة هيك فيجن شامل الوحدة الخارجية و الشاشة

Services of FPI Networks in the field of intercom:
- Sale and supply of intercom well known brands like aurmit ,commax and auta .
- Sell ​​and supply Italian and Spanish door close machines to ensure that the door of the building is closed         automatically after opening.
- Maintenance of intercom whatever its type at the level of all governorates in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Video intercom components
- The main unit and screen are placed inside the house and the best location for them is near the door.
- The external panel and camera are installed near the outer gate of the house.
- Cables connect the main unit to the external panel and the camera.
- Power adapter reduces power to suit the power of the device.
- Power source and there are types that use internal network power.

- The main unit consists of the earpiece that we hear through the speaker, visitor or guest, and some models     make this handset wireless.
- Mike is the one through which we talk to others and the screen different sizes according to the desire to match   the presentation of a clear picture.
- The external panel consists of a headset to listen to home owners and the mike to talk to the inside of the   house,  the camera that monitors all who enter and exit and a mini keyboard to request the number of unity that   we want to communicate with them (in the case of multiple panels).