Metal detector gates

Metal detector gates are gates operated by issuing an alarm in the event of any metal object passing through it

Metal detector gates detects metals by the gate's internal sensors. The number of sensors is from 6 to 33 and the sensitivity can be adjusted through the gate control panel to allow a certain amount of metal to pass through the gate without warning.

And there are some types of metal detector gates that determine the location of minerals in the body that pass through it by a warning light called zone and sound alarm also by sirens

Metal detector gates have several types that vary in possibilities, including the gates with internal metal detectors , these gates are installed in places because of their inability to withstand the high temperatures and there are also external metal detector gates that withstand the effects of weather such as soil , sun and different temperatures ,humidity and dust , And also vary in possibilities such as the number of sensors for metals and zones and degree of sensitivity


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