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Our Products


Internal Networks & Smart Homes

We take the mission of making you ready for the new era of internet of things by installing, maintaining your home network infrastructure ...

Access Control & Time attendance

Forget the traditional Keys ! , We build this system just to allow  you control access to any property more securely using several ways ...

Surveillance System

It's time to monitor all of your properties using a set of high quality cameras just from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world .

Fire Alarm System

Whether its conventional or addressable fire alarm systems, tandem ionization or photoelectric detectors we have what you need. 

Metal detector.png

Voice / Video Intercom

The main need of it is to secure the property from theft and snooping. The gate of the building is closed all time ....

Sound system

We provide integrated solutions in sound systems for each of:
mosques , factories , conference rooms , conference rooms , function rooms , villas.

Metal detector gates

Metal detection gates are gates operated by issuing an alarm in the event of any metal object passing through it


FPI offers you the best types of exchanges with different capacities through which you can speak and receive calls within your company without paying any monthly expenses

Our services

We believe in specialization, whatever services and solutions we start providing;

Make sure that we are ready to be the best in them

Maintenance & Warranty

Our company always strives to offer its best in the image of high quality product and after sales service

Surveys & project support

From your first call with FPI Networks, you will recognize why our customers return to us again one after another

Installation and training

We provide all the security systems and integrated networks in terms of installation and all maintenance and training work on our products.

Technical support


Our goal is always after-sales service towards product and company and building long-term relationship with customers